Dangers of a sedentary lifestyle

Recent media reports point out the harm caused to our health by remaining seated for long periods of time. In a recent episode of the Horizon TV program Michael Mosley indicated that it even if you were an active person by running or going to the gym this did not stop you from the harm caused to your health by remaining seated for the bulk of the day. Remaining stationary does not allow the blood enzymes to function effectively at breaking down fat and over time this fat builds up and leads to problems such as high blood pressure.

Other reports of this nature are available. On the BBC web site there is the magazine article “A sitting person’s guide to standing up” which mentions a link to type two diabetes and heart disease. On the Forbs website there is the article “How to Stop Your Office Chair from Killing You” which goes into more detail on how sitting too long without moving damages your health. The Independent has also published an article on this subject.

Working with a computer, it seems, damages your health. Illnesses range from the obvious such as eye strain to the not so obvious such as high blood pressure. To combat this assault on your health you need a software agent that will defend your body by encouraging you beat the tide of lethargy regarding your health while working at the computer screen. Work / time pressures that keep you glued to your desk can hit your health hard over a long period of time if you neglect your body and your heart. Prevent this by installing Desktop Lifejacket.


Last revised:26-11-12

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