Brief Installation Instructions for Desktop Lifejacket

Desktop Lifejacket is a small executable that primarily runs in the background. It is user-health related software and it is best if the executable, or a shortcut to it, is placed in the ‘Startup’ folder so that users generally need not concern them self with starting it every time they use their machine.

The executable was developed and tested on a MS-Windows 7 machine with .NET Framework 4 (using MS-Visual Studio 2010 Express). The target platform for the application was .NET Framework 3.5 Client in the anticipation that this would be compatible with most MS-Windows 7 installations.

A link to the executable is shown below. This just needs saving to the users machine and you should be up and running. If there is an issue and the executable does not run on your platform I’d be very grateful to hear what OS and version of MS .NET Framework is installed on your machine. A full installer is then available for you to try which should automatically download any missing components.

The desktopLifejacket.exe (to save the executable on your machine) is here.

Note that when you run this code to un-tick the warning checkbox as shown below.


A full click-once installer of Desktop Lifejacket (to run the setup.exe) is also available.


Last revised:26-11-12

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