Rossendale Autos.

Car & light commercial vehicle servicing and repairs at comeptitive rates. We have a well-equiped garage which includes car and van diagnostics, laser wheel tracking/alignment system and electrical test equipmemt. Give us a call on (01706) 218443 or 07801 025 876 and leave us to sort your vehicle out.


Rossendale Autos - who we are

Rossendale Autos has been established since the early 1980s and is located in Croft Garage, Crawshawbooth, Rossendale. The company specilaise in service and repair of private and light commercial vehicles.

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Rossendale Autos - what we do

Simply contact us to carry out servicing and repair of your car or van. We can arrange a convienient time for the vehicle to be left with us and we'll contact you when the work is completed. We always try to find the least expensive way to work on your vehicle without compromising the quality of the final result.

Our Location

We're located just a short distance from the centre of Crawshawbooth. The best approach from the main road that runs through Crashawbooth is via Coorporation Street, just opposite the Back Dog pub.

Contact Details

Office phone

(01706) 218443


07801 025 876

E-mail address

Web address /

Hours of Business

Nominal work hours are displayed below. Due to call-outs and other business commitments, it cannot be guaranteed that someone will be present at the site at these times. If in doubt, please call before you arrive to ensure that your visit is fully satisfied.

Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 17:30

Saturday: 08:00 to 12:30

Rossendale Auto Electrics has been providing quality car electrical services since the early 1980s. We are established in the provision and installation of starter-motors, alternators and dynamos for private and commercial vehicles of all kinds.

Under no obligation, the following services are freely available.

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